Deepest penetration of earths crust

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Researchers drill historic hole in atlantic ocean floor. The Chikyu is capable of reaching much farther down. They need to drill in the Yellowstone caldera that would be cool if we could release some of the presure but it would never happen. The effort to reach into the heart of the Earth would be one of the most dramatic undertakings in science. This cleans and cools the drill bit and lifts cuttings out of the hole, piling them in a cone around the hole. He slowly creeps up to the firecracker laying on the ground the un-dug hole He carefully lights the fuse, drilling the hole.

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The project attempted to drill as deep as possible into the Earth's crust.

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Furthermore, with the results of this study, the authors were able to verify theoretical models that were developed at GEOMAR. We should really try blood-letting first. Computers, robots, nanotech, A. Sorry, the mention of Global Warming pushed me over the edge Than there is the expensive man hours.

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deepest penetration of earths crust
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deepest penetration of earths crust
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