Why do copper bottom pots vibrate

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The GardenWeb posters tend to be everyday folk; the usenet posters tend to be more various. I don't mean the sound of the fan cooling the electronics. The last part of the cooking equation that needs to be considered is how the heat gets from the outside of the vessel to the inside. For the most part and not denigrating anybody else's very valid opinions, I can definitely say that in my case the "noises" were caused by the fans getting slightly out of balance from collected grease etc. October 24, 0 found this helpful.

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As some wit once remarked, "There is no harm in being a fool; harm lies in being a fool at the top of your lungs.

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The Science of Hot Food

Of course, humidity speeds things up. October 24, 0 found this helpful. This is an older method of coating the cooking surface, is not as sturdy as stainless, and periodically has to be reapplied. Although there are other approaches, one choice is to use the Gillespie Brass Refurbisher Kit. It's likely that whomever sealed the cookware used some type of lacquer, similar to the protective finishes used for brass hardware and fixtures as well as other decorative copper pieces. To see what constitutes good cookware for induction, see our page on Induction Cookware. With induction cooking, energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel by the magnetic field; thus, almost all of the source energy gets transferred to that vessel.

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why do copper bottom pots vibrate
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why do copper bottom pots vibrate
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