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These realizations made it much easier for my wife and I to discuss spanking shortly after we began dating. All of the foregoing suggests that, underneath the cultural shift, biological forces are still at work in the lives of many women. Would love to know how to best deal with the disobedience. She needs you to demonstrate that you are in charge. I have your original comment in my inbox. While he rarely does it like that, it is really helpful to reinstantiate peace at home. Properly done, it has a flow and and a rhythm that brings a couple closer together.

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How respectful and kind.

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Master The Art Of Erotic Spanking

Although both graduated from universities, they also went on to become wives and mothers. Except maybe women who grew up in abusive homes, or have the same bottled up ideas about themselves. The problem of no feminine role models these days in the same as it is for failed marriages. She told me several years later that she liked me to take her panties down as she felt that I was in control and not her in having to bare her bottom. A perfectly capable woman who could do a particular job better than anybody around should just waste her time sitting around knitting blankets and producing 15 babies?

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ways to spank your wife
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ways to spank your wife
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