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Hearing the voice, Hilda looked around and saw Bianca standing in the doorway, the blonde clad in nothing but a pair of green bikini pants and a matching top in one hand, neither of them displayed any sign of embarrassment or could really explain why, but being like this felt natural to them. After Dawn and Cynthia had finished eating with their Master, Ash had agreed to share a bed with both of his lovers to show he loved them both and wasn't about to select favourites. However, seeing his discomfort, Bianca approached from behind, gently picking up Pikachu and locked him outside their villa, before the blonde then returned her attention back to her Master and started to kiss around his neck. Turning around and giving Hilda a good view of her cleavage, the bikini barely restraining the blond girls huge bust and looked as if it could burst off her at any moment. Before Gothitelle's smile turned sly as her eyes then glowed light green as she then held up her arms and used her Telekinesis on Pikachu, in which Pikachu was caught off guard as he outlined in light green aura that pulled him up into the air and to Gothitelle, who grabbed Pikachu, holding him close to her body.

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She cannot wait to meet you.

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Currently he and two of his three current slaves were lying in Cynthia's queen sized bed. Her once modest C-cup breasts had expanded to a nice G-cup, long sexy legs that joined up with her slender hips that complimented her body perfectly. Jumping down, Pikachu decided to look for another way in. And after breaking from the kiss, Ash smiled. However, he and Pikachu were broken from their thoughts when they heard a female voice call out happily.

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pokemon green sexy nacked
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