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Not once did it cross my mind that she was 'only' 11, nor did I think, 'well, no-ones going to see it, so it doesn't matter'. August For More Information: The skin on your legs and underarms is tough enough to handle it. But she took me into the bathroom, pulled down her undies and pointed. Also remember that if you bleach your hair, it will still be there. The fact is, we all make parenting choices that affect our children but we won't know the true effects of our actions until much later on in life - so don't judge.

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When she explained the taunting she was getting, I helped her out a little, mostly to avoid her walking the same line as I did, taking to my mum's tweezers and having 90's brows forever!

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'I trimmed my 11-year-old's daughter's pubic hair - don't judge me'

Up to a month. I know we always think that our kids grow up overnight but I swear, that was like the blink of an eye! So why was that even a point of discussion? One of the many joys of puberty is all that hair starts showing up under your arms, down your legs, and even on your face. The thread pulls out the hair that it passed over — it's a bit like a giant tweezer. Not shaving carefully or correctly can cause ingrown hairs, small bumps of razor burn, and tiny cuts.

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naked little teen shavers
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