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Colon and rectal disorders Diverticular disease Colonic diverticula are little out-pouchings or sacs in the bowel lining that occur when the lining gets pushed through weak spots in the muscle of the bowel wall. Constipation is defined as small, hard, difficult, or infrequent stools. There are many types of polyps and not all are the type that can turn into cancer. It occurs when there is a complete loss of control of the way lining cells of the large bowel grow and divide. Even trying to cut back on the sweet stuff…. The inner layer of the mucosa called the epithelium absorbs, or takes up, water and some nutrients.

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When one of these glands becomes blocked, an infection may develop.

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Anal Fissure

Get to Know Us! The muscularis propria lies outside the submucosa. Many things contribute to this loss of control. The 4 types of epithelial cells are squamous cells, columnar cells, cuboidal cells and transitional cells. Passage of hard stool may contribute to the development of anal problems such as fissures painful cracks in the anal tissue lining or hemorrhoids. Not every operation is appropriate for every person.

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colon line near anus
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colon line near anus
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