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Besides, there was but one actor in the first folly, and there have been twenty in the latter. Some say she's the wife of the Wandering Jew, And broke the law for the sake of pork; And a swinish face for a token doth bear, That her shame is now, and her punishment coming. That's right kill 'em kill 'em". At the moment of the daughter's baptism, the holy water washed her pig-like features away, revealing a normal human face. Harry Pickervance, of New Heys Farm, Newton, near Kirkham, who has 10, pigs, said he provided ear protection but nobody ever bothered with it.

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Facing her in another panel is Ferdinand VII, shown with a mule's head.

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Sex play and behavioural sexualization in the pig.

With belief in pig-faced women commonplace, unscrupulous showmen exhibited living "pig-faced women" at fairs. Shy and reclusive, while conducting her charitable works in the Dublin slums she would remain in her carriage while servants gave out alms to the poor. In the earliest forms of the story, the woman's pig-like appearance was the result of witchcraft. A young man, his advances rebuffed by a woman, had started the story as a means of revenge. The letter-writer also ridiculed the "swinish Lothario" who hoped to marry the Pig-faced Lady, suggesting that "if he means to have her, he must woo her in grunts". But the shop manageress denied that the move to attract more lady customers amounted to unfair sex discrimination. This included a brief biography, allegedly from "a female who attended on her".

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women having sex with pigs
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women having sex with pigs
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