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Follow 16 Doesn't seem the most hygienic thing in the world. I tried it with a new girl im seeing but she's not a fan of it as she thinks its unhygenic, even though she said she loved how it felt. We are quite comfortable with each other otherwise. And, fuck, was it ever a turn on!

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To be happy I need to know he is happy doing what he is doing.

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But you haven't done it? I think my partner might want it, and I am a little skeeved out by the idea of licking his asshole. It takes me no more than 30 seconds from start to finish not including the poop cutting thing. The Idea of it sounds certainly disgusting especially if your not doing it with your partner or a clean person, but the sensation is said to be great. Can't see the right topic?

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  1. How does she go from having fiyah ass videos. To then shooting vids under 20 minutes with terrible angles. To now less than 10 minutes of straight doodoo butter?