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A killer with terrible aim, Jughead remarked. Phillips used to advise the school paper, Jughead approached his desk after class to find out why it was shut down. Fortunately, he was being offered a deal. To Jughead it means A little later, as he finished off his cake, Jughead asked Archie about him and Veronica, then making the same promise of saying nothing just as he did to Veronica. Later that day in student loungeafter discovering that Archie could be attending an exclusive summer music program with the help of the Blossoms, Jughead questioned their motive for doing so.

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He asks, "If you insist on having this mortifying conversation, can we at least go somewhere private?

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‘Riverdale’ Recap: Betty And Jughead Finally Do It

I know you were both just looking out for me. Hearing this for the first time, Betty suggested that they all work on the code together. However, his father took his place as Penny's drug runner upon his release. At the prison, Jughead and Archie talked to FP from behind the glass. He currently lives in his father's trailer, rather than having to live with his foster parents.

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