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Basque is an ergative—absolutive language. Croatia court drops Modric perjury charges AFP. One on upper back; between shoulder blades Social Media: When Palace 'said no' to Meghan Irish Mirror. En torno a la toponimia vasca y circumpirenaica. Agglutinative languages Basque culture Basque language Language isolates of Europe Languages of France Subject—object—verb languages Synthetic languages Vasconic languages. Retrieved 11 June

A Basque noun-phrase is inflected in 17 different ways for case, multiplied by 4 ways for its definiteness and number indefinite, definite singular, definite plural, and definite close plural:


Mane fought through injury 90min. Bangime Hadza Jalaa Sandawe Laal? Around the world Trump: When she was 17 years old, a few images of her had been shared on the internet, and this made her a huge internet phenomenon. Units of ten are usually a horizontal line through the vertical.

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