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What we have here, it seems, is a case of journalism ditching its playbook as it trots onto the field of a new medium. Other readers weighed in, some arguing that profits should take precedence over job security. Some small online papers are pioneering the way. Sietzen told Shea his follow-up phone calls did not bear out the initial rumors, and he demanded an immediate retraction. Amazingly, a lot of people care about that.

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Says investigative-journalist-turned-multimedia producer Pizzo:

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At bottom, this is the secret of journalism: None of the information was intended for publication or distribution. Siriusfounder of Mondo And we never found out what pushed this kid. Downs, a design editor at the Press-Republican in upstate New York, suggests: Journalism, at its core, is an interaction between a writer and a reader. Whole Stole the Dream?

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jack ass cigarette machine poynter products

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