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There was a lot of interest in the common person — people at work, or people engaged in humorous activities, contests, and games. We do not automatically renew subscriptions, however you will be contacted prior to the expiry date and you may choose to renew if you wish. Following that, elaborate designs could be carved in the shell and the cord inserted. An erotic Japanese carved ivory figure group. Browse the most recent and exclusive inventory to be featured on Online Galleries.

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A carved wood Japanese netsuke of a man giving another a backrub.

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Collecting Guide: 5 things to know about netsuke

Seven ivory netsuke20th century, including an erotic plaque, various animals and figures. Japanese ivory two section inro. A Chinese ivory erotic carving19th century of a reclining woman holding a stem wine cup in her left hand, her hair coiffed and wearing a revealing robe and tiny delicate shoes, with incised mark Youchunpossibly the woman's name 8 cm long. Log in or Sign up. Those erotic statuettes often invite the viewers to rethink the conventional gender roles and human sexual relationships. AJapanese ivory erotic ivory group, 20th century, signed, 10 cm long. Yes, with the most common being the katabori or figural netsuke.

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chinese erotic netsuke
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chinese erotic netsuke
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