Breeding women for milk

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Sometimes we milk our commercial cows. Monitoring cow comfort and rumen health indices in a cubicle-housed herd with an automatic milking system: No cow is allowed to live out her natural lifespan of up to 25 years old. Skip to main content. Are there websites we can source a minature jersey in our area? It may be kept by a dairy farm as a herd bull, to provide natural breeding for the herd of cows.

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Sheep and goats are also used in this way.

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Dairy cattle

We are working on miniaturizing the Holstein breed and are currently at the midsize miniature stage. Anyway, that's enough on that subject. The article did not recommend female veterinarians because females are more gentle. Because the commercial dairy industry uses automatic milking equipment, there isn't much emphasis on genetics for the length of teats. The Ayrshire breed first originated in the County of Ayr in Scotland. If the animal is slaughtered then it is no longer "good animal welfare". Male calves can either be used later as a breeding bull or sold and used for veal or beef.

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breeding women for milk
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breeding women for milk
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