My husband loves to spank me

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Since FERPA forbids schools from contacting parents, administrators empower police to treat pranks as crimes. At first, I thought: Legally and socially, of course, women are increasingly treated like men. Most women grew up with at least some experience being spanked by their fathers. He could spank me raw but it would just be an act, there would never be anything else to it.

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These original writings might prove to be a real eye-opener, perhaps even a shock.

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My husband wants me to spank him

He took off his belt and finished the last 10 spanking with it, leaving me excited, aroused and really anticipating more But it just might work. It conflicted with then recently passed federal equality legislation giving women equal rights with men. A bit late in responding: I even at one point tried to protect my behind with one of my hands…that was a mistake…he pinned my hand against my back and struck me hard a couple of times for it. After all this is for his own it reminds him that she is the boss of him in her home and elsewhere…And that ther is always a belt around the corner waiting to be used on his ass to make him always obey her. February 4, at 8:

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my husband loves to spank me
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my husband loves to spank me
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