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If it walks like a trap, talks like a trap and acts like a trap, then it must be a trap. This is not the real Miley Cyrus. Flooding fake and no name celebrities and recycling old pictures from years ago for click bait. She is horny and let's just say… very in touch with her sexuality. JW, it gives us plenty of readiness for when she does her mug shots for whatever crime she commits. Her nipples are so sexy.

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Anyone else notice the many freckles and moles that are in some photos, but not others?

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It would taste better and give you much better roughage…. Probably AJ or Spamwhore. Her nipples are so sexy. Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is fucking nuts! They look so delicious. This album changed her music style from bubblegum pop to a more electropop sound. This is not the real Miley Cyrus.

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