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How many times have you used the excuse that you were really drunk to get away with some absolutely shocking behaviour? Then there's no filter. There will even come a moment where you start to run through the increasingly absurd list of things you would do to get to a Taco Bell. We are always becoming. You're not kicking your neighbors pets or peeing on yourself or sleeping with regrettable people or anything else that really seems problematic. Dec 2, 6. I've been in the liquor business for 30 years and can tell you for a fact that alcohol is alcohol.

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She revealed his surprise.

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Study Finds That If You’re An Asshole When Drunk, Then You’re An Asshole When Sober

Yeah I disagree too. If your drinking continues to control your behavior, however, it's time for you to take the advice of those that counsel quitting entirely. There's a lot of fuckin people, man. Someone said something innocuous that you misinterpreted as an insult? Revealing that an ex girlfriend had gotten him something like that -- um, ouch. White wine, however, makes me incredibly giggly and genuinely happy.

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im a drunk asshole
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im a drunk asshole
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