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Her enhanced durability and invulnerability were amplified as well, to the point of withstanding a barrage of Starfire's bright green starbolts and appear unscathed. Retrieved from " http: She then throws a pillow at Beast Boy when he says that was fun. I won't forget this, sister dear!! Seeing the Gordanians surrendering, she mutters that she should've hired Czarnian Bounty Hunters. Blackfire then went with the other Titans to help Batman, Batgirland Mr. After Starfire's knocked out by Joker, Blackfire back-hand punches Harley when she's knocked-out by Joker's gas as well.

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Blackfire Voice

She was then haunted by dreams of what life could have been like if she'd been nice to Starfire, and it would help keep her on the straight and narrow path once she was put back there. She then heard Starfire's wish to meet Robin again and live with him and live happily ever after. In fact, she despises her sister so, that she had taken a Centuari Moon diamond and passed to Starfire to have the Centuari police think that she, Starfire, was the culprit they were after. Having undergone the same experiments conducted upon her by the alien Psions, Blackfire too has the ability to release her absorbed energy into incredibly powerful blasts called "starbolts. She then cried with hunger, but she refused to eat zorka berries when Starfire offered her some, but she did accept them once Raven had some and appeared to like it.

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blackfire from teen titans
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blackfire from teen titans
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