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They are still very much passionately in love with each other, and Typhon actually acts as something of Echidna's Morality Chain — in his introductory episode, Typhon even notes that Hera imprisoned him because without him around, Echidna's temper made her very dangerous. A strong house cannot be built on a weak foundation and that foundation boils down to building your internal confidence. Granted, the Mussburgers are an aging couple, but Sidney is played by Paul Newman. Subverted as Sheila isn't ugly, but she's overweight. There are benefits to this type of confidence and mindset:

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While my student was busy conversing I stepped over to go see what was going on with him and these two pretty girls he was conversing with.

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Thanks for registering A member of the team will be in touch to book a time slot for you. Sometimes its financial wealth, status, fame, women, or maybe a combination of all this. It's stated that he was trapped into marrying her after getting her pregnant in high school. He walked away with a snarky douchebag sounding laugh that kind of reminded me of this pretentious guy I worked with at this country club I bartended during one of the summers back during early college years. Amanda Marcy Bearse was hardly uglybut the joke was that she was a "chicken", a scrawny woman with no feminine features, and Jefferson was her trophy husband. And she's definitely far from ugly.

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