Getting a facial

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And while some chemical peels that use substances like salicylic or glycolic acid can help stimulate skin cell turnover and repair, Cohen says proper daily skin care—regular cleansing and applying moisturizer and sunscreen—are a lot more likely to be helpful. Do facials leave your skin looking dry? Better penetration is crucial, because some of the things science says can benefit your skin—from vitamins C and E to retinoids and collagen-stimulators—break down when exposed to oxygen and UV light. Knowing all there is to know about facials, take a look at the tips below on what you should be doing to get the best out of your facial. A lot of that money went toward facials: Adam Friedman, an associate professor of dermatology and director of translational research at George Washington University. That experience, Neill says, prompted her to investigate the existing science on spa facials.

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You Asked: Should I Get a Facial?

Apart from moisturizing the skin, Cohen says most topical creams are unlikely to provide much lasting benefit—especially if applied sporadically and only in a spa setting. She published her findings in a report. But if you want to look your best and maintain the youthful appearance of your skin without spending a fortune, regular washing, moisturizing and applying sun protection are what matter most. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. That experience, Neill says, prompted her to investigate the existing science on spa facials. A trained dermatologist can also identify skin cancers and other issues that go beyond cosmetic imperfections. Massage your face right:

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getting a facial
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getting a facial
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