Facial muscles and nerves

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The nerve arises in the ponsan area of the brainstem. Hemifacial spasm also called tic convulsif is an involuntary twitching of the facial muscles on one side of the face. This is the parotid gland. Near origin Intermediate nerve Geniculate. Parasympathetic innervation serves to increase the flow of saliva from these glands.

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This is especially true for the so-called "dangerous area" the loose aponeurotic layer because infection can spread into intracranial structures by way of the emissary veins.

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Facial nerve

The maxillary artery branches from the common carotid and supplies the maxilla region of the face. Cranial nerve V has 3 major branches that supply different regions of the face. The face has muscles with a more complex pattern of innervation of extrafusal fibres; they have a larger percentage of slow type fibre. The first motor branch arises within the facial canal; the nerve to stapedius. In between the two muscle bellies is a fibrous epicranial aponeurosis galae aponeurosis. Auricular anterior superior posterior Temporoparietalis. Botulinum toxin, type A a protein produced by the C.

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facial muscles and nerves
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facial muscles and nerves
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