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He ran it up and down her slit a few more times before stopping at the bottom of her pussy. He stopped kissing her thigh just before he reached her covered pussy lips, then he started kissing at her left knee and down her inner thigh as well. I couldn't believe my eyes as she seemed to be ready to "entertain" them both. I felt my dick surge in my shorts as I saw her nipples were already erect. He looked up at her and smiled as started kissing her stomach, just about her thong. She reached down to grab his head, but he pulled away before she could. I could not believe what I had just witnessed, but I knew I wanted to see her do that again.

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She staggered back over to me and told me abruptly that we were going to a party.

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Watching Rachel

One day when I knew she would be out I installed some hidden video equipment so I could see and hear her in action without her knowing. Then came the horniest moment of the night so far. So whats your fantasy??? He pulled back until just the first inch was still inside her of, then he pushed back into her, just a little bit faster than before. I started rubbing my erection through my shorts, as Darren rubbed his tongue harder against her thong. Stepping in It Being straight up has its rewards.

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