Same sex marriage pros

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Marriage of any gender encourages and promotes stability, accountability, and monogamy. In that case, gay people would commit to their relationships, which is a positive note, since these individuals have long been perceived to be rather promiscuous. They could not get married, so it was easy for them to remain uncommitted. The legalization of same-sex marriage affirms the inherent worthiness of LGBT people as valued American citizens deserving of equal rights under the law. Most large businesses understand the importance of recognizing gay marriage because it enables them to more readily retain LGBT staff and customers. Strengthens National Identity and International Reputation "Liberty and justice for all" is a phrase often used in descriptions of the U.

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It allows same-sex couples to engage in a formal relationship they can use on official documents.

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3 Reasons Everyone Should Support Same-Sex Marriage

The denial of equal marriage rights unfairly disadvantages children who are raised by same-sex couples residing in states where gay marriage is not legal or not recognized. There are homosexuals in every species on the planet. Basically, marriage is the union of two individuals who decide to spend their lives together willingly. When the facts show us that people are who they are, we should allow them to live full lives as they are. There are two ways you can understand where the science is on this. A Green Floating Toilet. Freedom of religion allows a person or group to pursue the practice of their religion without governmental interference.

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same sex marriage pros
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same sex marriage pros

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