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Attack Obama on issues. Give me a break! As a non-American who watched in wonder with the rest of the world while you guys re-elected George Bush, and decided that Americans are by and large retarded… I bring you this message of good will…. Yet your comment viewed the above article through a racial lens which fans the flame of a racist sentiment that you yourself denounce. People with higher education can understand her duplicity and they do not vote for her. The idealogue wants your soul and to control your every thought.

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Everything he said is legitimate.

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Hilary clinton prez 2008 funny spank

Porn pic Spank that brat cameron comeuppance That's the price you pay Free xxx bisexual pic. Oh, yeah, go through this campaign hell just to keep Obama from winning so she can run in four years and then go through this hell again? Obama is going to win and mccain supporters are getting scared. It is sad that most people are hardwired to assign more validity to what they read and hear, than to correlations between causes and effects that affect their future and the future of their children.

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hilary clinton prez 2008 funny spank
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hilary clinton prez 2008 funny spank
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