Facial nerve segment

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As the mastoid tip develops, the extratemporal facial nerve is positioned in a more inferior and medial position. The first branch of the facial nerve, the greater superficial petrosal nerve GSPNexits anteriorly from the geniculate ganglion. Ultrasound In a recent study, ultrasound has been utilized to predict facial nerve outcomes in Bell's palsy. Tracts of the facial nerve were determined from the pons to the internal auditory meatus using the DT images and compared with the facial nerve course visualized on high-resolution, heavily T2-weighted sequence of the brainstem. Imaging plays an important role in the evaluation of facial nerve disorders. International Journal of Otolaryngology.

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Central paralyses occur when the lesion disrupts the facial nerve fibers prior to their decussation in the reticular formation of the caudal pons.

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Imaging the Facial Nerve: A Contemporary Review

It provides sensation to the posterior concha and external auditory canal. Presentation of the paresis or paralysis is determined by the site of the intracranial lesion. Just distal to the pyramidal eminence the nerve makes a second turn posterior or second genu passing vertically downwards as the mastoid segment. Head and neck primaries may metastasize to intraparotid lymph nodes, which provide lymphatic drainage to the scalp, face, external auditory canal, and tympanic membrane. This branch is at risk during surgery in this region.

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facial nerve segment
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facial nerve segment
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