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This morning I couldn't put my eyeliner on properly as I was being gently rocked back and forth Best of luck to you! He immediately packed his belongings and left. I never heard from the young man again; I can only assume that he met a violent death at the passionate hands of my phantom lover. I have been more in tune with things around me since I first posted. I looked down but the room was dark except from the moon light coming in through both my windows and I couldn't see anything between my legs but felt it was there. Since then I've been feeling this and its all the time all night long while I'm in bed day or night.

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I have never heard of any of these Beings harming anyone that they perceive as a rival, but they can make your life and the life of any Human that you try to engage with very difficult if you try to have your cake and eat it too.

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Something Is Having Sex With Me In My Bed

I'm a 43 year woman and bought my house a year ago and it was built in Maybe he thinks that you look just like his wife or something. Most of your story was like mine. A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife. Yes I got freaked at first but calmed down and went with it and it lasted about 30 minutes and suddenly stopped. I had several friends come over one at a time to spend the night, it won't bother them even if I switch bedrooms to see knows the difference between me and another woman. This time round I was in my sister's room in the past she had reported similar dealings, except they were never sexual, only that her head was being suffocated and yes, I did like it.

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