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Here it must be said, that according to the custom of most legal gentlemen occupying chambers in densely-populated law buildings, there were several keys to my door. This is a unanimous vote. It was an old bandanna handkerchief, heavy and knotted. He was more a man of preferences than assumptions. With them, he did not have to ponder deeply or stretch for a higher note. The air is thick and muggy.

Poor fellow, poor fellow!

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The usual toll-booths at their usual frequencies, now all followed by military check-points. When I consider how, amid the stillness of my chambers, Nippers would sometimes impatiently rise from his seat, and stooping over his table, spread his arms wide apart, seize the whole desk, and move it, and jerk it, with a grim, grinding motion on the floor, as if the table were a perverse voluntary agent, intent on thwarting and vexing him; I plainly perceive that for Nippers, brandy and water were altogether superfluous. I wish I did. I want you to help me compare this. At last, the graying of dawn. I resolved to assign Bartleby a corner by the folding-doors, but on my side of them, so as to have this quiet man within easy call, in case any trifling thing was to be done.

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