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Additionally, this is also a bad idea purely for psychological reasons. People who make this face are pretty much crucified on the internet, and there have been some pretty hilarious memes. Cortisol is a biochemical in our body which must be looked after as best you can. Even if you're not a mom yet, you might get the impulse to pose with friends' babies and send them to your man. If you think he's more of a refined gentleman, or if you're just not comfortable with going to crazy when it comes to selfies, you can always go with the sexy but simple "over the shoulder" selfie. This is a low angle selfie where you gaze down at the lens. And yet they're capable of making their man's jaws drop the ground with the kind of pictures they send.

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Many girls know all about the powers of good posture, and guys agree that there's nothing sexier than a perfectly arched back.

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Stock Photo - Beautiful pregnant woman laying down on a couch

That might not be something you're comfortable with revealing in a selfie, and that's fine too. By getting as low as possible, men see you in a vulnerable and therefore submissive role which they can be dominant over. Like the other pose previously mentioned, this pose plays into your submissive side. These selfies are usually taken without any makeup or touch ups of any kind, and are meant to be as raw as possible. Which means, you really should be cautious if finding an individuals boots. I was wondering if you had any articles on photographing babies older than newborns? Try these poses if you really want to get your man going.

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pregnant sexy pictures laying down
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pregnant sexy pictures laying down
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