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Kai defeats Brooklyn in a match. It just reminded her that she wasn't really part of the team. Fierce Battle Tensai Bakavon: She even unpacked her toiletries and makeup in the adjacent bathroom. You're always showing them how much they mean to you, why can't you do the same for me? Tyson makes Kai understand and listen to his inner voice. In Russia, they meet Boris's team, of which Kai was also a member of in the past.

Tyson shot her a puzzling look.

Fierce Battle was released in and Beyblade: The very label and insinuation that she was sleeping with the members of the Bladebreakers because she had no other talent, shook her to the core. Kai, Ray, and Max left Tyson and went their separate ways to rejoin their old teams so that they have a chance to beat each other at the World Championship which has been re-designed with tag-teams of two. One week after the results of the World Championships, Boris, the secondary villain from the first season, says things will return to the way they were before. Hasbro Studios former Nelvana Limited former. Kai had forgotten about Boris and the training grounds where he had learned almost everything he knew about Beyblading.

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