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He used one hand to continue the torment on her breasts as his other hand quickly rubbed her clit. His hand rested on her butt as she rose to her feet, and she gasped as he gave it a gentle squeeze. Tiffany took a long, hot shower. I'm the one who asks the questions around here, and my question is what are you willing to do to stop these from not only appearing on the internet but also throughout school? David had been rough with Tiffany before, but not like this. I meant you should show your body off more in class. As her class funnelled out, almost every student stared at her as they left.

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Tiffany began to breathe heavily as he fucked his digits in and out of her pussy.

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A teacher blackmailed chapter 1

I want a good cum before bed. Tiffany lay motionless on the floor in a flood of tears. She returned to her desk and once she was convinced no-one else suspected a thing, called Matthew to her desk. She didn't know whether to go along with it and endure his rough play, or try and talk him down. He pushed her face first onto the bed, his hand holding her face against the duvet as his another one hand lifted her denim skirt.

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images of sluty school teachers
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images of sluty school teachers
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