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The king cheetah is a rare mutation of cheetah characterized by a distinct pelt pattern. Skin grafts between non-related cheetahs illustrate this point in that there is no rejection of the donor skin. Cheetahs were formerly, and sometimes still are, hunted because many farmers believe that they eat livestock. Cheetahs continued to be associated with royalty and elegance, their use as pets spreading just as their hunting skills were. Recent evidence has shown that cheetahs will not attack and eat livestock if they can avoid doing so, as they prefer their wild prey.

Database entry includes justification for why this species is near threatened.

Answering the Call of Nature

The genus name, Acinonyxmeans "no-move-claw" in Greek, while the species name, jubatusmeans "maned" in Latin, a reference to the mane found in cheetah cubs. The cheetah prefers to live in an open biotope, such as semi- desertprairie, and thick brush, though it can be found in a variety of habitats. I am a huge fan of Big Cat Diary and watch it faithfully everyday it is on. The members of Felinae are known as "small cats" in contrast to the "big cats" such as liontigerjaguarleopardand snow leopard of the subfamily Pantherinae, although some of the "small cats" can weight more than some of the "big cats. Twenty-two such skins were found between and This gives them a mane or Mohawk-type appearance; this fur is shed as the cheetah grows older. Males will attempt to kill any intruders and fights result in serious injury or death.

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